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FIX University (OCW )Open Course Ware @
Westminster School, where Nick Clegg attended
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... basic energy supplies. This is almost FIVE times the population of the ...
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LATEST HEADLINES. Rowan officials commissioned a merger report before the ...
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The Best College Radio Stations
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Los Angeles, California. Jewelry and watch repair is a year round business ...
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Comprehensive multidimensional ...
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Shell Oil poised for new era on cold frontier
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Raiders start fast, sputter out to lose second straight
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Beards, panda hats and a citywide party
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... impulses during deep brain stimulation surgery to confirm their ...
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Category: Local Services IT Services & Computer Repair IT Services ...
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FIX University Looks @ coursera Information Security and Risk Management in ...
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Jewelry repair; Ring sizing; Necklace & bracelet repair; Watch repair ...
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Winter gasoline will bring relief at the pump
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Useful phone numbers, email and postal address for key departments within ...
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HEADQUARTERED in Florida, FAST-FIX is the world's largest franchise of ...
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More FIX on the NET @ FIX University Cultural Campus

Hello FIX!
Welcome to HCI online. I'd like to share a bit about what we have planned. Like many of the online classes, each week offers a series of short video lectures. These videos embed questions to help you make sure you're understanding the material. Over the course, we’ll have five summative quizzes that test your mastery. And the course features a class-long design project that builds over five assignments and enables you to try out your HCI skills.
This class offers two main tracks: an apprentice track for those that keep up with lectures and do well on the quizzes, and a studio track for those that also do well on the design assignments. Also, students who received an apprentice or studio certificate in the last run of the course have the option of “studio practicum”. This enables students to practice their design skills and get feedback from peers (without needing to retake the quizzes). You don't need to pick a track. The course will automatically provide you the Statement of Accomplishment that you earn based on the work you submit. For more information about tracks, and to get started, see
To enable you to do open-ended design projects and practice the techniques you’ll learn, we have introduced something new: self and peer assessment. We’ve worked with Coursera to create new software for you to assess each other’s work. This enables us to offer exciting, open-ended projects that I think you'll really enjoy; it also gives you a chance to learn from viewing and critiquing your peers’ work and receiving critique of your work.
There are two important things to know about peer assessment:
1) For the logistics to work, all project assignments have a hard deadline. If you have upcoming travel or other scheduling issues, you can submit early. But there is no way for anyone to submit late, under any circumstances. If you miss a deadline, you can't submit that assignment and become ineligible for the studio or studio practicum track. However, you can still keep up with the lectures and quizzes.
2) The peer assessment system is very new and very experimental. In fact, we created it for this class. Coursera has worked incredibly hard to produce great software, and they've done a wonderful job. But this is still unquestionably prototype software. And a big experiment in online education. To make this work, we'll need your enthusiasm, help, flexibility, and forgiving attitude. For you and your fellow students to have a great learning experience -- and to enable peer assessment to spread to more classes -- it's very important that you take peer assessment seriously.
Finally, in response to the global interest in this course, we are excited to announce a brand-new Spanish language option. Students can submit assignments in Spanish, as well as perform and receive assessment from the Spanish-language pool. In addition, some materials will be translated into Spanish, though most will remain in English. ¡Bienvenidos!

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